Wednesday, April 17, 2013


He is fasting for 7 days to save the neighborhood community house and to create more transitional living houses in the poorest zip-codes in Kansas City. "It would be a tragedy for this community safe house and transitional living spaces to close down! This would put about one hundred families and children out in the streets in the coldest part of the year! …We need to take all of these abandoned boarded up houses and create Community Safe houses and Transitional centers in every neighborhood in Kansas City and all over the country!" They are providing a safe place for neighborhood children and families to come out of the cold and receive tutoring assistance, receive a meal, go to Youth field trips experiences, and a place of peace to receive counseling and assistance. There are many small grass roots organizations in this area that have been going on everyday for years with no funding except for the money that they put together, coming out of their own pockets to help the community. They work tirelessly without any financial support for their costs of day to day expenses- with only the desire and the heart to help as many children, Teens, Families, Elderly with Litracy, crisis intervention and food, clothing and shelter! One of residents of the transitional house, Jennifer is a 30 year old unemployed young women, who shares her experience… “When I first came to the community house, and met with Bishop, I was at my wits end! I was very close to giving up. I had very little fight left in me. I remember praying for a fair chance and direction for renewal of faith. The day I pulled up we saw children playing basketball. The block looked very clean and quiet which is rare in the midtown of Kansas City, Mo. I also noticed all of the stop the Killing Flyers. During our first meeting with Bishop, I loved how enthusiastic he was about the community and organization. I loved how he used the word “family!” When he used it, I really felt that he meant and believed in what he was doing. I remember sitting in amazement as Bishop was explaining all the programs this community has to offer. The Peace Keepers, keep a constant vigilance in their area. They are the eyes and ears that detect and help expose dangerous activities and crimes in our Community. If I had to pick something about this organization that touches my heart, I would stick with the word “Family”. When I stepped into the room with everyone, I could feel the wealth and genuine smiles and laughter from person to person. I love the fact that this organization offers a second home to all the kids in the neighborhood. They are a positive influence with the next generation. I am very thankful to have a place to lay my head and to know that I am warm and safe. I really feel like all my roommates and I get along. It is peaceful and everyone respects one another. I believe what Bishop, Ms. Lee, Brother Sasteh, Sister Adenike, Minister Watkins Brother Turner and Pastor Willis have to offer the neighborhood children, will impact their lives forever. For more Information: Contact: Bishop Tony Caldwell, Community United KC- 2931 Askew Ave., Kansas City, MO, 64128 Call:egin_of_the_skype_highlighting 816-729-2314 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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